Tps El Salvador

Tps El Salvador

Trump admin ends protections for 200,000 Salvadorans – The Department of Homeland Security said it is ending “temporary protected status,” or TPS, for Salvadorans.

The Trump administration has given El Salvador nationals 18 months to find a legal way to stay, or leave the country. The ruling will affect over 200000 people from the Central American country.

The Trump administration has called for an end to a program that benefited Salvadoran refugees who had fled the country following two massive earthquakes in the early 2001.

Under this policy, it was passed by and supported by George W.Bush, about 200,000 people from El Salvador were able to remain in the United States and work legally because of these earthquakes and because it was unsafe for them to… Click To Tweet

The Trump administration has come in and they are ending the program.

Now what happens after about a year is the sitting president will make a decision as to whether or not the program should be extended and over and over again, both George w.bush and Obama decided to extend the program because things didn’t change in El Salvador.

The infrastructure was, for the most part, repaired or at least that’s the way it is being reported, but there were other unique issues that were happening in the country.

Cartel violence had become so incredibly terrible that it was unsafe for a lot of people to go back and so remember, these are people who are here since at least 2001 and many of them had families in the united states since then.

Some of them actually opened their own businesses and employed people in the united states and some of them even bought homes in the united states so and undoing this policy could mean a lot of confusion and chaos for these individuals.

So even if they were here illegally following these earthquakes they were able to stay.

Essentially they are giving them until 2019 to leave the country and if they don’t do that, they risk quite a bit by remaining here in us. Let’s say they do that, they deal with all the paperwork and all of that by 2019.

Imagine, they have been here 18 years and they have to go back to a country that, are they going to recognize if they have been here the whole time? imagine if I moved to Texas, lived there for five years, now I’ve been in California for about six years.

Going back to Connecticut is not an option at this point and that is a much smaller change obviously then moving across the world, setting up families, having children.

This is a story that broke today and it was following several days of attention toward Michael Wolff’s book, fire, and fury so the reason I bring that up is because Trump is always looking for a way to please his base, his core supporters especially in the middle of chaos it makes him look really bad and what is his base really love about him? I think this is separate from Steve Bannon even though he is very anti-immigration, they love hating on immigrants.


They love the idea of the wall which by the way, Trump has asked Congress for $18 billion to build the border wall.

That was the Congress of Mexico right because they are gonna pay for it? no, the Congress of the united states.

That was a story that went under the radar because of all the attention on Michael Wolff’s book but nonetheless, these are people who have businesses and homes and children in us. Let me give you some of the exact numbers.


  • What happens to the businesses they have developed in the people who are now employed under this business is?
  • What happens to businesses that employ them?


There was one employee who was worried because it is a construction company in the helping to rebuild Texas following the hurricanes and he’s like, I do not know what I’m going to do now.

My workforce will be gone and I desperately need them to help with these rebuilding projects. It is a rough situation and some of the Trump supporters tell themselves that they are just in favor of law and order and too many people are here legally, we need to get rid of them.

These people are here legally spending the program seems like an unnecessary way to make them illegal and then you have a significant portion of the country that says they are not Americans, I do not care how long they’ve been here, get rid of them.

That is on a majority of the country, but it is a significant part and I think, you brought up the need to appease his base.

I think Trump and the Republicans are in for some interesting times in this area because the first year legislatively of the trump administration had two things happen.

The Obamacare debacle and the tax cuts and the interesting thing about both of those are through the arcane rules of the Senate, it is possible if you tweak to the rules and limited what you were trying to change that you could get things passed with the sheer majority.

They were effectively able to avoid the need to break any sort of filibuster because they were purely financial matters but they want to overhaul immigration laws in this country and that is not a purely financial thing which means that if they are going to do that, they cannot do it with 51 votes which is what they have, they need 60.

They could reliably get a couple of Republicans and democratic clothing designers many Taccone and immigration overhaul but they cannot get any of them to do that.

So while you may allow this to lapse in one of the people under the bus, there’s every chance in the world that if the nine Democrats they need put this as a part of it, resolving the legal situation of data obviously, this and some other stuff, he wants to just go fire and brimstone but in this case, his arms are tied, released Mitch McConnell that they’re going to need some of those Democrats.

Not only that, you have to keep in mind that there are Republicans who are moderate on this particular issue, they aren’t as draconian on immigration as Trump is so it is interesting to see how things played out.

I have to say I am disappointed in Democrat so far as it comes to the data issue. I feel like they could have done something more better about the budget and I want to see them try harder and remember, that deadline is coming up very quickly.

In March, who knows what the fate of these data recipients will be but I want to see more leadership from Democrats and more importantly and this is their opportunity. It absolutely is and I hope they take it.

So far as a lot of room for disappointment but we will see how it plays out.