Investment opportunity for Imagin Medical’s new bladder cancer detection system – MoneySense

Investment opportunity for Imagin Medical’s new bladder cancer detection system - MoneySense


Imagin Medical Inc – (IME:CSE, IMEXF:OTCBB) is working on a bladder detecting system which is about to begin their clinical testing trials.

With a market capitalization of under CAN $30 million, Imagin is preparing the next phase in its strategic plan. Trading at a low market cap, it’s a chance for investors to buy an intriguing start-up company. One of the options the board members are looking at is, if it makes financial sense, to sell to a larger competitor which already has the sales channels and distribution to reach both doctors and patients. Whichever path the company chooses, the company is poised to be in a good position in the upcoming months.

Why is Imagin on the verge of huge stock gains?
Imagin Medical will hopefully enter the $150 Billion cancer treatment industry with its i/Blue™ Imaging System. While the unique imaging system is patented in the United States, it is not licensed in accordance with Canadian law. The IME team are working on getting the necessary Medical Device Licence to be able to sell their system to healthcare professionals in Canada.

Bladder cancer is normally detected through an endoscope with the use of visible white light. The aim of the Imaging System has optic and light sensor technology is to enhance a physician’s ability to detect bladder cancer with an endoscope. The IME stock price has more than tripled in the last year, and the IME team hopes to see an increase in stock value in the next couple quarters.

How Does The i/Blue ™ Imaging System Work?
Imagin has almost completed development of an imaging system that combines optical/light sensor technology. The aim is to hopefully build an Alpha Prototype that will increase the efficiency of the cancer detection procedure and decrease waiting patient wait times.

The National Cancer Institute in 2016, an estimated 1,685,210 new cases of cancer will be diagnosed in the United States and 595,690 people will die from the disease. The earlier the doctor or surgeon detects the cancerous cells, the better the chances of containing and destroying them.

How will this influence Imagin’s stock price?
Spending on global cancer treatment has risen 27 % since 2010 according to the Institute of Healthcare Informatics. Bladder cancer is the sixth most prevalent in the U.S. (3rd for men) with 72,570 new cases per year and has a greater than 50% chance of recurring, making it an ideal market for IME to enter.

Spending on cancer treatment totaled $107 billion worldwide in 2015 and is projected to exceed $150 billion by 2020, according to reports by IMS Institute for Healthcare Informatics. One billion dollars alone is spent annually on bladder cancer detection.

Having a product is only part of the equation of a successful company. If you can’t execute properly on your idea, then a great product doesn’t matter. Jim Hutchens is a career medical device sales and management professional who has a history of developing sales channels for medical device companies. Jim knows how to develop the sales channels to take the product to the market.

The Advisory Board of IME is made up of four M.D.s and a Ph.D. who have worked together on previous companies. Having an experienced and well-oiled management team decreases the growing pains of a new company and accelerates the time it takes to be profitable.

Dr. Messing has recently been honored by the American Urology Association for helping those with bladder, kidney, and prostate cancer for over 35 years. Dr. Buckley chaired the International Bladder Cancer Group from 2006 to 2016, and Dr. White has won the “Best Doctors in America” title numerous times.

Moving Forward
The R & D phase is almost complete, and the next step will be to enter the testing phase of the i/Blue ™ Imaging System. The system is estimated to fit on about 90% of all endoscopes on the market, making likely adoption of the imaging system easy and swift.

The IME team anticipates the stock price will continue to rise in the next several quarters. For savvy investors who look back at the one-year financials see there has been significant growth in shareholders’ value. Now is the ideal time to look into the company’s opportunities.

Dr. Stanley J Swierzewski offered the following comments: “As a practicing urologist, I invested in Imagin because I have a duty and responsibility to advance any improvements in treatment and technology that will benefit my patients and save lives. Current technology is cumbersome and time consuming, , making it less effective as a screening or follow-up tool. Bladder cancer patients are basically monitored for life with in-office cystoscopies which are not effective in differentiating between inflammation and cancer.   I’m confident that using the i/Blue system will become the standard of care. I look forward to the Research Study results and I cannot wait to use this technology in treating my bladder cancer patients.”

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