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Fire and Fury Excerpts - PROLOGUE AILES and BANNON Wolff in his prologue cited a remark about Ailes that Click To Tweet

The first page of his prologue page about Ailes and Bannon was basically self eulogy and adulation which expresses Bannon how he abruptly become one of the world’s most powerful men without paying attention to the dire sudden aftermath.

Fire and Fury Original Excerpts Paragraph 1 & 2

Fire and Fury p1“The evening began at six-thirty, but Steve Bannon, suddenly among the world’s most powerful men and now less and less mindful of time constraints, was late.”

Fire and Fury p2 – “Bannon had promised to come to this small dinner arranged by mutual friends in a Greenwich Village townhouse to see Roger Ailes, the former head of Fox News and the most significant figure in right-wing media and Bannon’s sometime mentor.”

Fire and Fury Original Excerpts Paragraph 3 & 4

Fire and Fury p3- The next day, January 4, 2017—little more than two weeks before the inauguration of his friend Donald Trump as the forty-fifth president—Ailes would be heading to Palm Beach, into a forced, but he hoped temporary retirement.”

Fire and Fury p4 -“Snow was threatening, and for a while, the dinner appeared doubtful. The seventy-six-year-old Ailes, with a long history of leg and hip problems, was barely walking, and, coming into Manhattan with his wife Beth from their upstate home on the Hudson, was wary of slippery streets. But Ailes was eager to see Bannon. Bannon’s aide, Alexandra Preate, kept texting steady updates on Bannon’s progress extracting himself from Trump Tower.”

Fire and Fury Original Excerpts Paragraph 5 & 6

Fire and Fury Original Excerpts (Paragraph 5 -7 )  – Wolff further emphasized and unveiled Ailes personifying expression of Mr. Trump, this is what he had to says

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Fire and Fury p6 –  “Both men, Ailes and Bannon, fancied themselves particular students of history, both autodidacts partial to universal field theories. They saw this in a charismatic sense—they had a personal relationship with history, as well as with Donald Trump.” 

Fire and Fury Original Excerpts Paragraph 7 & 8

Fire and Fury p7“Now, however reluctantly, Ailes understood that, at least for the moment, he was passing the right-wing torch to Bannon. It was a torch that burned bright with ironies. Ailes’s Fox News, with its $1.5 billion in annual profits, had dominated Republican politics for two decades. Now Bannon’s Breitbart News, with its mere $1.5 million in annual profits, was claiming that role. For thirty years, Ailes—until recently the single most powerful person in conservative politics—had humored and tolerated Donald Trump, but in the end, Bannon and Breitbart had elected him.”

Paragraph 8 is about the arrays of misdemeanors seemingly courtesy of the most powerful man in the world.

Fire and Fury p8 “Six months before, when a Trump victory still seemed out of the realm of the possible, Ailes, accused of sexual harassment, was cashiered from Fox News in a move engineered by the liberal sons of conservative eighty-five-year-old Rupert Murdoch, the controlling shareholder of Fox News and the most powerful media owner of the age. Ailes’s downfall was cause for much liberal celebration: the greatest conservative bugbear in modern politics had been felled by the new social norm. Then Trump, hardly three months later, accused of vastly more louche and abusive behavior, was elected president.”

The book further buttressed Ailes eulogy about Trump in paragraph-9 of the prologue

Fire and Fury Original Excerpts Paragraph 9, 10 & 11

Fire and Fury p9 – “Ailes enjoyed many things about Trump: his salesmanship, his showmanship, his gossip. He admired Trump’s sixth sense for the public marketplace—or at least the relentlessness and indefatigability of his ceaseless attempts to win it over. He liked Trump’s game. He liked Trump’s impact and his shamelessness. “He just keeps going,” Ailes had marveled to a friend after the first debate with Hillary Clinton. “You hit Donald along the head, and he keeps going. He doesn’t even know he’s been hit.”

Fire and Fury p10  But Ailes was convinced that Trump had no political beliefs or backbone. The fact that Trump had become the ultimate avatar of Fox’s angry common man was another sign that we were living in an upside-down world. The joke was on somebody—and Ailes thought it might be on him.

Fire and Fury p11Still, Ailes had been observing politicians for decades, and in his long career he had witnessed just about every type and style and oddity and confection and cravenness and mania. Operatives like himself—and now, like Bannon—worked with all kinds. It was the ultimate symbiotic and codependent relationship. Politicians were front men in a complex organizational effort. Operatives knew the game, and so did most candidates and officeholders. But Ailes was pretty sure Trump did not. Trump was undisciplined—he had no capacity for any game plan. He could not be a part of any organization, nor was he likely to subscribe to any program or principle. In Ailes’s view, he was “a rebel without a cause.” He was simply “Donald”—as though nothing more need be said.

As the vibe of Ailes hedonism unfolds, enjoin me as we publish the next excerpt

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